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BiLok™ Floor Fastening System

BiLok 3-2
Bilok Pre-Assembly
Bilok Assembled

Top Down Fastening System


  • Top down, single sided installation. No need to access the floor structure underneath.
  • FOD free, precision machined self locking thread
  • High shear and tensile strength

BiLok™ Enables Increased Aircraft Production

  • Simple and uniform floor structure
  • Panels are easily configured to unique customer requirements
  • Floor panels are easily installed and removed. Assembled airplanes can be reconfigured in the field, allowing customers to react quickly to serve new markets.
  • Weight savings

BiLok™ Pre-Installation of Floor and Seat Track

Bilok Floor and Rail Pre-Assy

BiLok™ Installation of Floor and Seat Track

Bilok Floor and Rail Installed

BiLok™ Installation (underside shown)

Bilok Floor and Rail Installed Bottom View

Sample Floor Panel Configuration

Seat Track Floor Structure