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Centrix specializes in the engineering of custom aerospace temporary fasteners. Our custom fasteners are designed to meet our customers specific needs.  Centrix utilizes Computer Aided Design and advanced Non Linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to optimize the performance of our fasteners. We design and manufacture custom fasteners for all major airframe manufacturers around the world. Our fasteners provide unmatched clamp performance, shear strength, and part alignment.


Our state-of-the-art production facility, paired with expert machinists, gives us complete control over manufacturing quality. Our CNC swiss machine technology is ideal for our core product line of fasteners and gives us the ability machine complex products at very close tolerances. Our team of talented machinists specialize in programming and operating CNC swiss style lathes.

Citizen Swiss L32
Citizen Swiss L20
Hyundai Wia 3 Axis CNC Mill
Acra Manual Mill
Manual Lathes

Centrix Shop Background

Heat Treating

Centrix has internal heat treating capabilities which allows us to control quality and expedite orders to meet our customer's needs. Our furnace is AMS-2750 compliant and Nadcap certified.

Pyradia Heat Treat Oven

Testing and R&D

Centrix is equipped with a dedicated testing and R&D that utilizes a 3 axis CNC Mill, as well as several manual lathes and a manual mill. Our machines can quickly make test tooling, prototypes, or modify existing parts and tooling. Our testing department utilizes an MTS Testing Machine (100 KIP capacity) and multiple Atlas Copco wireless torque tool stations. Our testing and machining capabilities allows to quickly manufacture and validate engineering prototypes, as well as perform production testing on flightworthy products.

MTS Test Machine
MTS Machine
  • Our MTS Test Machine allows us to quickly conduct static tests on our fastener products.
  • 100 KIP load capacity. Equipped with 25 KIP and 100 KIP calibrated load cells.
  • MTS Software Test Suite for rapid program building.
Electric Transducer Tools
Atlas Copco Tools
  • Centrix utilizes Atlas Copco electric transducer torque tooling for production fastener testing and engineering tests.
  • We have several types and sizes of electric tools and load cells to give us quick and accurate feedback on fastener torque and clamp up performance.
  • Atlas Copco Tools Talk Software is used to program our tools for custom installation and removal parameters.
Hyundai Wia CNC 3 Axis Mill
CNC Mill
  • 3 Axis Hyundai CNC Mill is used to produce engineering prototypes and test tooling.
  • 48" x 20" table size, 1764 lb table capacity,
  • 30 tool Automatic Tool Changer.
  • Master CAM programming software.
ACRA 3 Axis Manual Mill
Acra Mill
  • 3 Axis Acra Manual Mill is ideal for quick tooling modifications and production support projects.