CenLok Quick Release Pins are high strength, precision ground, push button style alignment pins.CenLok Quick Release Pins: Quickly adjust or remove accessories on equipment or aircraft structures. Improved ball retention […]

  • Large grip range
  • Custom diameters and lengths
  • Standard hex sizes
  • No backside protrusion

Centrix Pneumatic Inline Adapter
  • Connects to standard pneumatic Cleco torque source.
  • Inserts into Cleco nose piece or threads directly on.

Centrix Drill Stop
  • Controls drill depth.
  • Free spinning nose prevents damage to the structure
  • Easy to use – finger tighten at desired depths

Round Body
  • Large grip range
  • Standard diameters and lengths
  • Custom diameters and lengths
  • Works with standard aerospace tooling

Constant Pressure Fastener
  • Provides residual clamping in sealant squeeze out applications.
  • Ideal for applications with limited backside hole clearance.
  • Large clamping area

Alignment Fastener
  • Expands to provide hole alignment
  • Custom lengths and diameters
  • Works with existing aerospace tooling

Centrix Flush Head Single Sided Temporary Fasteners
  • Flush with countersink hole
  • Low profile
  • Free Spin or Hard Stop design
  • Enhanced grip range

Low-Profile Round Body
  • Low profile
  • Available in Hard Stop or Free Spin
  • Works with existing installation tooling

Centrix Low Profile Installation Tool
  • Complete Low Profile Installation Solution.
  • Connects to electric torque source.
  • Transfers 100% of torque from the torque source to the fastener.