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Censhear™ Elite Fastener

Censhear Robotic Elite

Censhear™ Elite offers premium performance and customization

Ideal for high end applications requiring:

  • High resistance to shear loads
  • High clamp forces
  • Robotic fastener installation and removal
  • Low protrustion height from surface of airplane

Fully optimized for performance:

  • Maximized clamping area - up to and over 2.5x industry standard
  • Maximized usable stroke (grip range variation) for any body height.
  • High end materials
  • Fully customized to each application
  • Precise shank tolerances for superior alignment
  • Mix and match drive features and components for integration with tooling and assisting in sorting
  • Clamp area, shear, and tensile strength fully customizable
CenShear Cycle

Refer to the Censhear™ Elite Ordering Form below to determine the part number you need. To request a quote, you may fill out our online quote form or contact us directly.