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Censhear™ Fasteners

Censhear Robotic Elite 450 x 300

Centrix next generation Censhear™ temporary fastener technology features three family types:

Censhear™ Standard

Censhear™ Plus

Censhear™ Elite

Censhear Family Outline with Shadows

Censhear™ Advantages

Unparalleled Shear Strength
         - Any direction and any shear plane
Excellent Tensile Strength
         - Over 2x industry standard
Excellent Clamp Area
         - Up to 2.5x industry standard
Simple, No Fuss Removal
         - Feet collapse inside of shank for easy removal under side loading
Excellent Alignment
         - Solid shank enables precision doweling
Censhear Clamp Chart
Censhear Shear Chart