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Centrix Traditional Robotic Fasteners

New Free Spin with Bullet Points

1) Enhanced clamping area minimizes backside clamping witness marks. Qualified for use in composite stacks for major OEMs.

2) Precision diameters up to .001 inch total tolerance for precise alignment across the entire grip.

3) Low profile body has proven features for robotic driven compatibility.

Centrix Low Profile Fasteners are designed and manufactured in many different configurations in order to meet our customer's specific application requirements. Available customization options include, but are not limited to, the following:

Free-Spin vs Hard-Stop Style Fasteners

A Centrix Free-Spin vs Hard-Stop style fastener refers to the fastener method of removal from its application.

Our most commonly produced low profile fastener style is Free-Spin. Free-Spin allows unlimited removal torque capability. When the fastener is driven in the counter clockwise direction for removal, it reaches its “free spin” state and the screw spins harmlessly in place. This eliminates any chance of damaging the fastener by over torquing during removal.

The Hard-Stop style fastener requires torque control during removal. When the fastener is driven in the counter clockwise direction, it reaches its “hard stop” in which the bushing of the fastener seats against a ledge inside the collet. The Hard-Stop fastener maximizes the stroke of the low profile fastener.

Diameters and Grip Ranges

Centrix Low Profile Fasteners are made in diameters ranging from .097 Inch to 1.0 Inch. Precise diameter tolerances of up to .001 Inch held across the entire fastener grip range to provide superior hole alignment. Our fasteners can be made to clamp onto the thinnest or thickest material stack ups you may encounter. Total grip range can be optimized using Centrix 3-Finger style low profile fasteners. This is ideal for applications that require a little extra grip range to clamp onto the material stack.

Fastener Body and Drive Methods

Centrix Low Profile Fasteners are commonly made with a standard hex recess and hex body. Hex drive sizes can be commonized across certain diameter ranges to minimize installation tooling requirements. Spline style bodies and torx-plus drive is also available upon request. Fastener bodies can either be flat or counter sunk, depending on the type of hole. Customer defined countersink angles are available. The body is part marked with diameter and grip range (min and max). Bodies and caps can be plated or anodized for easy fastener identification.

Clamp Forces

Centrix fasteners are optimized to provide industry leading clamp forces and strength. This is one of the key benefits of Centrix fastening technology. High clamp forces aid in the aircraft assembly process by reducing inter-laminate burrs during drilling and minimizing shear forces, which ultimately enables "one up assembly". To learn more about the benefits of Centrix technology and one up assembly, click below.

Centrix fasteners can also be operated at lower installation torques for lower clamp forces. Custom threads can be used to further reduce clamp force output. For permanent fastening applications, vibration resistant interference threads (self-locking) are available.

The Free-Spin fastener is ideal for robotic applications. Manual application is supported by our exclusive line of adapters.

The body of the fastener is designed for either counter sunk holes or flat openings. The body is part marked and can be plated to aid in identification for usage. Maximum and minimum grip ranges (material stack min. and max.) are clearly marked on each fastener. The collet of the Free-Spin fastener forms a concentric fit in the drill hole, with tolerances held up to .001. Allowing both precise alignment and sufficient clamping in the build process.

Low Profile Family Photo

Refer to the Free Spin or Hard Stop Fastener product sheets below to determine the part number you need. To request a quote, you may fill out our online quote form or contact us directly by phone or email.

If you are unsure of the part number you need. Please click the link below and complete our product definition form.

Fastener Installation Tools

Manual Installation of Centrix Low Profile Fasteners is supported by our exclusive line of torque source adapters.

Adapter for Battery Powered Tools

Adapter for Pneumatic Tools

Adapter for Battery Powered Tools

Centrix Custom Temporary Fasteners