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Clamp Loc Fasteners

Clamp Loc with Bullet Points

1) Special ball tip design makes the Clamp Loc ideal for applications with limited backside hole clearance.

2) Large clamping area. Clamping face is precision machined with undercut to prevent damage to corner of hole regardless of clamping force.

3) Custom order diameters and lengths. Diameters available from .250 Inch to 1.250 Inch.

4) Standard Hex sizes.

5) Fully contained tool: Nothing protrudes past bottom hex.

Clamp Loc with Drill Jig Bushing

    • Customer specified drill jig bushings provide part and tool clamping and alignment

Mini Loc


    • Miniaturized version of the Clamp Loc
    • Low profile and small shank diameters available, while retaining the backside clearance benefits of the Clamp Loc
Clamp Loc Teaser for Web

Refer to the Clamp Loc product sheets to determine the part number you need. To request a quote, you may fill out our online quote form or contact us directly by phone or email.

If you are unsure what part number you need, click the link below and complete our product definition form.

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