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Constant Pressure (Sealant Squeeze Out) Fasteners

Centrix Constant Pressure Fastener

1) Special ball tip design makes the Constant Pressure Fastener (CPF) ideal for applications with limited backside hole clearance.

2) Large clamping area. Clamping face is precision machined with undercut to prevent damage to corner of hole regardless of clamping force.

3) Custom order diameters and lengths.

4) Various drive configurations available upon request

5) Fully contained tool: Nothing protrudes past bottom hex.

The Centrix Constant Pressure Fastener (CPF) ultilizes a spring pack containing custom spring or washer configurations to provide residual clamp force in sealant squeeze out applications. As the material or part stack height decreases due to sealant squeeze out, the spring pack maintains clamp force. In a sealant squeeze out scenario, a standard fastener would come loose and require multiple torque ups.

The CPF spring pack concept can be adapted to other Centrix style fasteners to meet unique application needs. Custom spring configurations can be engineered to meet your application clamp force requirements.