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Expanding Pin Fasteners

RB-EX Main

1) Expanding collet legs provide hole alignment across the entire grip range. When installed in a hole, the legs will expand uniformly parallel to the hole, fill the hole, and apply a radial force equally to all elements in the hole.

2) Short tool height once clamped. 2 inch total height above top surface when clamped.

3)  Nothing will protrude from the back of the nut, even when clamped through the thinnest stacks. Compatible with standard pneumatic installation tooling.

Expanding Pin Fastener Installed
RB-EX Family

The Centrix Expanding Pin Fastener is designed to expand inside a hole and maintain alignment of aircraft components during assembly. The Expanding Pin Fastener provides superior part alignment compared to traditional steel dowel pins. Click the presentation link below to learn more about the benefits of the Centrix Expanding Pin Fasteners.

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