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Fasteners for Robotic Installation

Censhear™ Temporary Fastener

Censhear Robotic Elite

Censhear™ Elite

Ideal for high end applications requiring:

  • High resistance to shear loads and high clamp forces
  • Robotic fastener installation and removal
  • Low protrusion height from surface of airplane

Fully optimized for performance:

  • Maximized clamping area - up to and over 2.5x industry standard
  • Maximized usable stroke (grip range variation) for any body height
  • High strength materials
  • Precise shank tolerances for superior alignment
  • Mix and match drive features and components for integration with tooling and assisting in sorting
  • Clamp area, shear, and tensile strength requirements defined by customer

Centrix Traditional Robotic Fasteners

New Free Spin with Bullet Points
    1) Enhanced clamping area. Qualified for use in composite stacks for major OEMs.

    2) Precision diameters up to .001 total tolerance for precise alignment across the entire grip.

    3) Low profile body. Robot compatible.

Low Profile Round Body

Low Profile Round Body
    1) Optional: Custom order angle on clamping face for clamping in c’sunk finished holes.

    2) Diameter is held to -.000/-.002, even across legs.

    3) Low profile body ideal for automated installation. Nothing will protrude from the back of the nut, even when clamped through the thinnest stacks. Body and driver are designed to work with existing pneumatic installation tooling.