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Flightworthy Products

BiLok™ Floor Fastening System

BiLok 3-2
Bilok Pre-Assembly

Top Down Fastening System


    Top down, single sided installation. No need to access the floor structure underneath.
    FOD free, precision machined self locking thread
    High shear and tensile strength

BiLok™ Enables Increased Aircraft Production

    Simple and uniform floor structure
    Panels are easily configured to unique customer requirements
    Floor panels are easily installed and removed. Assembled airplanes can be reconfigured in the field, allowing customers to react quickly to serve new markets.
    Weight savings

High Visibility Hook Latch

High Visibility Latch Closed

Qualified on new Boeing B777 aircraft.

The high visibility hook latch is used to join the the engine fan cowl panels while maintaining a low profile surface when closed.
Built in adjustability feature.
Designed, tested, and manufactured by Centrix.