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Installation Adapters

Adapters for Battery Powered Tools

  • Centrix adapters can be made to fit any torque source and are used for hand installation of Centrix fasteners.
  • Our custom quick connect sockets can be used with any size fastener and can be color coded to match specific diameter fasteners.
  • Drive bits are held in place magnetically and can be switched out quickly.
  • Dedicated sockets can be built into the adapter.
Pneumatic Adapter

Pneumatic Installation Adapter

  • Quickly adapt existing pneumatic installation torque tools to work with Centrix hex drive fasteners.
  • For use with Centrix hex drive fasteners (diameters .312" and less).
  • Connects directly to pneumatic installation torque tool.
Pancake Adapter Outline

Low Profile Installation Adapter

  • Complete low profile installation solution. Used for limited access installation applications where standard inline torque tools cannot access.
  • Transfers 100% of torque through the adapter to the fastener.
  • Connects to electric torque tools.

Centrix Custom Temporary Fasteners