“Free-Spin” Fasteners for Automation

Centrix Free Spin single sided temporary fastener for automation

1) Enhanced clamping area. Qualified for use in composite stacks for major OEMs.

2) Precision diameters up to .001 total tolerance for precise alignment across the entire grip.

3) Low profile body. Robot compatible.


Free-Spin allows unlimited removal torque capability. When the fastener is driven in the counter clockwise direction for removal, it reaches its “free spin” state and the screw spins harmlessly in place. This eliminates any chance of damaging the fastener by over torquing during removal. The Free-Spin fastener’s unique design combines a large clamping area and greater strength, enabling one up assembly due to high adjacent hole clamp load.

The Free-Spin fastener is ideal for robotic applications. Manual application is supported by our exclusive line of adapters.

The body of the fastener is designed for either counter sunk holes or flat openings. The body is part marked and can be plated to aid in identification for usage. Maximum and minimum grip ranges (material stack min. and max.) are clearly marked on each fastener. The collet of the Free-Spin fastener forms a concentric fit in the drill hole, with tolerances held up to .001. Allowing both precise alignment and sufficient clamping in the build process.