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Censhear™ Temporary Fastener

Censhear Main Outline (2)

Centrix next generation Censhear™ temporary fastener technology features three family types:

Censhear™ Standard

Censhear™ Plus

Censhear™ Elite

Censhear™ Advantages:

Unparalleled Shear Strength
- Any direction and any shear plane
Excellent Tensile Strength
- Over 2x industry standard
Excellent Clamp Area
- Up to 2.5x industry standard
Simple, No Fuss Removal
- Feet collapse inside of shank for easy removal under side loading
Excellent Alignment
- Solid shank enables precision doweling

BiLok™ Floor Fastening System

Bilok Floor and Rail Pre-Assy
Bilok Assembled


Top down, single sided installation.

No need to access the floor structure underneath.
FOD free, precision machined self locking thread
High shear and tensile strength
Enable Increased Aircraft Production

Simple and uniform floor structure

Panels are easily configured to unique customer requirements
Floor panels are easily installed and removed. Assembled airplanes can be reconfigured in the field, allowing customers to react quickly to serve new markets.
Weight savings