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UK Court Rejects Kwikbolt’s Claims that Centrix Fasteners Infringe Patents

Centrix Inc. free-spin temporary fasteners do not infringe Kwikbolt Ltd.’s patent in the United Kingdom, according to a ruling handed down on March 25th by His Honour Judge Hacon in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court.

Kwikbolt had sued Airbus Operations Limited, a large user of Centrix temporary fasteners, alleging infringement of their patent. The judge ruled against Kwikbolt and held that Centrix temporary fasteners did not infringe.

“We are grateful that the Court has rejected Kwikbolt’s claims. Centrix will continue to vigorously defend and protect our customers from any such false claims. We are committed to providing not just industry-leading high-quality products but also dedicated service and support to our customers worldwide, as this case has shown,” said Jon Weintraub, President of Centrix Inc.

In a related case, Centrix is suing Kwikbolt for infringing Centrix’s patents. A ruling in that case is not expected until later in the year.

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