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Adapter for Battery Powered Tools

Adapter for Pneumatic Tools

Low Profile Adapter

Drill Stop with bulllet points

Centrix Drill Stops

    1) Internal non-metallic, low friction bushing doesn’t need lubrication. Doesn’t jam or bind from chips.

    2) Easy to use – finger tighten at desired depth. Holes to receive secondary tools (such as allen wrenches) to tighten drill stops.

    3) Free spinning nose acts as a bearing between the tool and structure to prevent damage to the structure.

    4) Grips tightly to any part of the drill bit for a true “hard stop”. Small tool size allows use in most areas.

Collar Splitter with bullet points

Lock Bolt Collar Splitter

    1) Works with standard installation tools. Threaded adjustment allows for easy compensation of blade wear.

    2) Splits all collar materials. Easily replace blades or re-sharpen while in place.

Frangible Collar Removal Tool

Frangible Collar Removal Tool

Utilizes a self locking feature which locks onto the collar during removal. Only finger pressure is required to activate the self locking feature.

Tool diameter fits within the 1.5 O.D minimum material hole spacing requirement.

The hole located on top of the removal tool allows insertion of the allen wrench into the pin, preventing the pin from spinning.

The opening at the bottom of the tool is smaller than the collar shoulder preventing the tool from contacting the airplane.

Faster removal than existing tools on the market. Works with power tools or standard hand tools.

Works on steel, aluminum, and titanium collars.