Unrestricted Fastener



1) Maximized grip range. The fastener maintains stroke length while opening the fingers during installation.

2) Enhanced clamping area. Qualified for use in composite stacks at most OEMs.

3) Low Profile.

4) The screw protrudes before installation and recedes towards the fastener body after install.

Unique low profile design maximizes the stroke of the fastener by allowing the screw to protrude prior to installation. During installation the head of the screw installs towards the body until it seats on the top of the body. This feature, paired with the low height of the body, make it ideal for low profile applications without sacrificing the available grip range of the fastener.

The drive and body of the fastener are operated with the use of our exclusive line of adapters that work with common aerospace tooling.

The body is part marked and can be colored or plated to aid in identification for usage.

The collet of the fastener forms a precise fit in the drill hole, with tolerances from -.001 to -.003. Ideal for pilot holes.